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When I add a left brace the challenges automatically add a right brace. In most cases when the autocompleted symbol is on a single line it works wonderfully, however with the format for styling, I couldn’t figure out a way to leave the enclosed braces without arrow key navigation. Is there a way to leave the braces within the main keyboard area or is the only way through the arrow keys? (This is not specific to any particular challenge, reoccuring in the Basic CSS challenges)

selection {
        style: setting;

Cheers, Smeagol

Hello @Smeagol,

I read few times your message but I don’t really understand what do you mean. In most of the dev softwares, when you open a brace for example, it also gives you the close one.

I was wondering if I could leave the enclosed area without using arrow keys. After pressing enter to create the line for style the brace forms a third line. I couldn’t figure out if I could do so with the default keyboard. Other symbols just let you type it again, but the brace being on a new line won’t.

Sorry for the confusion.

No problem at all @Smeagol, I just want to be sure I don’t answer you nonsense. Actually I don’t think there are other ways. If you create your new line, the close brace will be the third line and you won’t be able to type it again such as what you do when you open it on the first line. It goes out of the original flow I guess.

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