Need a advice for getting a job

I have 705 point on freecodecamp How can I get a job please give some pieces of advice that help me get get a job

I would advise that you work at a small business for very little pay. Let me emphasize, Very Little Pay. After work keep studying and practicing and building stuff. Complete every single fcc cert, and build something somewhat useful with those skills.

You probably won’t use most of what you learn at the small business. You will learn their business process’s (which takes a long time) and help them do stuff the way it has always been done.

It will be your job to figure out how you can use your coding skills to help the business. Your coding skills will be sort of an “extra credit skill” that they won’t really need, but will help you stand out from other applicants.

Also, get good at solving the Advanced level algorithms on after you’ve finished fcc algorithms data structures. It is critical you get really, REALLY good at algorithm implementation to get a real job after your small business job

In addition to expert level knowledge in the “MERN” stack

Real Engineering jobs expect you to know:

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