Need a better alternative to absolute position

I’ve been trying to use the Chrome responsive design tools but they don’t work for me. I can only see viewport widths of up to 1280 pixel on my home laptop. On the Mac at work, I can see widths of up to 1920 pixels. When I look at my website, in the responsive design tools for widths more than 1280px, the tangram animation in the top navigation appears to be in the right position but when I look at it on the work computer, it’s not in the right position. So my media queries aren’t working and I can’t fix them because I can’t set up a localhost at work. I don’t work as a programmer or designer. Also, I think there must be a better way to fix the position problem because when I use position: absolute in my css, I have to use different left and top positions for every viewport width. Isn’t there any easier way to do this?

I don’t have time to look into this in great detail but assuming that the animation should always be in the middle div, I think you want to add position: relative to that div so then your absolute positioning of the graphic will be relative to that div.

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Thanks, bbsmooth. I added position relative to my stylesheet and commented out the absolute positioning in the media queries. It works in responsive design tools but they aren’t reliable. I will check it out on the wide screen monitor at work today.

I made a big mistake but it looked alright on the large-screen monitor at work anyway. I added another class to the same div and then I wrote position: absolute for one class and position: relative for the other class even though it was the same div. It doesn’t make sense that it worked but it did. Now I want to fix it but I don’t work again until Monday so I can’t check my website at work. I’m going to fix it Sunday night so I can see it the next morning.

I changed position absolute to position relative for the containing div but I still have to write media queries for the tangram animation to be in the right position.

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