Need a feedback on my LinkedIn Account and need connects to grow

Hey camper!
I had setup my LinkedIn account and itโ€™s is my first account I created on LinkedIn some months ago. So, I wanted you guys to see my profile if it looks professional :man_technologist: and good or not. Any feedback, suggestions, and connects will be appreciated. Please let me know what you think if you had time.:slightly_smiling_face:
LinkedIn URL

I am a certified Front End Developer.

This looks newbie. Only highlight a official certificate, for example Java of Oracle, Google, Microsoft. A front end developer makes himself with experience, projects.

Education -> freeCodeCamp -> BS CS

freecodeCamp is not a education at Bachelor level

I follow the links. This is not a valid Microsoft page.

Take some linkedin tests. Request skill validates to yours contacts.

Ok if I put I am a front end developer Instead of I am a certified front end developer. That will be ok?. What should I put in freecodecamp education as you mentioned? The links to office certificates is not official but you can verify that it is issued by Microsoft. And I will send you PM in LinkedIn.

For freeCodeCamp, just put your certificates.