Need a feedback Tribute Project : Brazilian Author

Tribute Project
First of all, sorry about my bad grammar, english is not my first language.
I chose a brazilian author that I really like for my tribute page, but my code is a total mess, and I have no sense of aesthetics so any tip or constructive criticism would be great.

This is very well thought out. You just forgot to add target="_blank" to the Toda Matéria link.

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I like it! it was interesting to read about him.

A few tips I would offer are:

  • Inside codepen on each of the panels for HTML and CSS, there is a little dropdown menu on the top right of each one that has the option to “Analyze HTML” or “Analyze CSS”. This will check through and look for potential issues in the code for you to review.
  • Hover changes could be more subtle for a better user experience, specifically on the books throughout the years, it is a little much of a change in my opinion.
  • An easy win for making hover changes look better is using the css property “transition” to the item that is being changed. To see what I mean add “transition: 0.5s” to the .auto class. (0.5s being the length of animated transition in seconds).

Overall great work, I like where you are going with the design.


Thank you for the reply :hugs:. I always forget this things.

I didn’t know about the Analyze option, thank you for the tips. :+1:

Thank you for info! I didn’t know about Analyze. Will it work with React too?

I always get tripped up by small things that I forget.

It works for vanilla JS but I don’t think it works well for react. If you ever work with react locally in a text editor check out eslint though, can be a lifesaver for picking up small mistakes in react code/suggesting best practices.

Thank you. The transition to React is not going very smoothly for me. I need all help I can get. I’ll check it out.