Need a little help Finding the right Path in Coding

Hello! My name is Steve, I am going to be 29 yrs old this month, I was in college for Liberal arts in Behavioral health and Social science, I love helping people, One day i wanted to finally put time into coding and learn. I have always been tech savvy and i didn’t know how well i can retain the information for coding, I find it really fun and exciting and think about it a lot. its a challenge and i want to change the world with my inventions or inspirations, i want to know how to make applications and also how to make a framework, then i also thought about cyber security. I did not realize how there are so many choices out there for coding and what to learn.
So my question is What and where would you guys recommend i start , to learn basics. right now i’m doing JavaScript and was doing html. I am now almost positive i am going to probably sign up for collage maybe for it. Change my Study to … i am not sure. Even on College sites, there is so many things to pick from. I want to learn how to create applications to help people. I have great Ideas. I’m trying to find what i want to do and focus on. Want to find the RIGHT Path.
I also want to enjoy my career as a programmer. </>

if you are interested in web development, you could follow the freecodecamp curriculum at

Yes, start with the basic please , and don’t jump too fast on JS frameworks, wait until you get a basic foundation on JavaScript then gradually swim to new grounds. Start with FFC’s curriculum. I use MDN’s documentation as complement.

Here is a roadmap that you can use as reference on what to learn

It becomes handy to keep this handbook

freeCodeCamp also provides videos

There are a lot of more resources I could share, but for now, just the essentials. I will quote from the handbook:

A short word of advice on learning. Learn the actual underlying technologies, before learning abstractions. Don’t learn jQuery, learn the DOM. Don’t learn SASS, learn CSS. Don’t learn JSX, learn HTML. Don’t learn TypeScript, learn JavaScript. Don’t learn Handlebars, learn JavaScript ES6 templates. Don’t just use Bootstrap, learn UI patterns.

The right path is the one that pulsates inside of you pushing you to go forward.

Good luck!

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Thank you so much for the info! it really helped. Its definitely overwhelming, how much there is to learn and how fast i want too, because i enjoy it and also want to one day, help people with applications or frameworks, cyber security. i will start with the basics, like you said! thats what i have been doing so far, im also thinking of either finding a good online school or go back to a local college.
Thanks again and Happy Coding! </>

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You’re more than welcome :smiley: . Right now I am reading and following the excercises from Eloquent JavaScript. I share it with you so may on the future you follow when on the JS subject. You too happy coding.

So i have been doing it online and i know i can get certified after learning and putting the hours in, but i think i should go to school for software engineer or Whatever i choose.
So i Guess im saying, is college the best course of action and iv been looking into full sail university, but if you have some suggestions i would love to hear them. Thank you!
-Steve </>

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