Need a piece of advice about Upwork profile approval

Hi, guys!
I would like to start as a freelancer and trying to sign up for upwork but it doesn’t seem to be successful, I have already been declined for about 5 times. Do any of you guys know of any ways or methods for the upwork profile to be approved of?
Thanks in advance and I apologize if the topic is in the wrong category…

Hey nattie may I know your location? Also have you completed your profile 100 percent before applying for approval ?

My location is Russia. Yes, I did my best to complete my profile to the full.

Well geography matters a lot when it comes to creating an account on upwork. They can be selective sometimes depending on where you are from. You can look up youtube to see if there is a way you can bypass the upwork AI that decides if your account is approved or declined. You can also try other freelance sites. You can also go to the upwork support forum and look up some answers to know the common reasons for not accepting people. Maybe even try asking why they are not accepting you and what you could do to make it right.

Thank you, Charles, for your tips, I’ll try to follow them.

Let us know if you were able to make it :slight_smile:

Upwork is professional platform, they approve genuine accounts and always need talented freelancers profile.

I may guide you with how to approve it what details should be there and which kinda portfolio your profile you should have to proceed.