Need a startup advice

Hi guys.
I’m an (old) experienced programmer.
Want to start again as an site developer (have knowledge of SQL).

  1. What language should I choose?
  2. What programming career is today most required (best payed?)

There are always jobs available and people hiring for the most popular languages, that’s how it works (Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, C#/.Net, etc)

Finance, the answer to this is always finance. Also Web3/Crypto/etc, but those jobs are likely to be exceptionally shady.

Re languages and average pay:

Best paid top five (on average!) from the Stack Overflow survey this year were (in order) Zig, Erlang, F#, Ruby, Clojure. Clojure was top paid for years before that.

“Top paid” implies specialised languages, with a small pool of programmers to hire from.

It also implies that there are very few jobs. Ruby stands out from the other four in that it was very widely used, but the wages likely reflect that there are very large Ruby codebases which require maintenance, but a shrinking pool of programmers to hire to maintain them.

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Welcome to the forum!

This website could be of great help for you:

You will find graphics that list the tech to learn for the role you are aiming for.

You mentioned you would like to become a site developer, do you meant websites/ web applications? Then the roadmaps for front-end and fullstack developers might be interesting to follow.

Best of luck!

Big Big Thanks.
Just now I need a volunteer to sit and study…

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