Need a Strict Accountability Partner

Hi, I am looking for an Accountability Study Partner who will be very strict on me. I am really getting slow. I am sure I can do more with an accountability study partner.

I would like to make a $100 commitment on and would like my accountability partner to verify my goals each day. If I miss my goal for one day, my partner receives $100.

I am expecting only 5 mins time everyday for my partner to verify my actual progress against my planned goal.

In return, I can also be your Strict Accountability Partner. ( I will be very strict on you that I will not just accept the tick symbol as a course-completion indicator, I may ask you few questions to make sure you aren’t cheating me but really learnt what you wanted to :slight_smile: )

Thank you all in advance!

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Hi @nithyaasworld,

I am working on a challenge in almost the same manner as you. I think I can help attend your goals.

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Thanks @Bam92!! Just sent you a DM.

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Why are you working towards this goal?

Maybe you need a stronger reason. Or maybe think it out more fully.

I had a burning reason to be a web developer. Borderline obsessive because of what being a web developer meant to me.

It was hard to get distracted when I wanted it with every fiber of my being.

Just a contrarian reply.

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