need a Team to learn fast and in a fun way!

ello ello ! my name is Elison i m new to the Fcc (not really its been a month) i always wanted to learn coding and stumble across few platforms but the there was none like FCC , fcc get u started in a fun and interactive way and explain very complicated stuff ( not sure about you but for me ) in a very easy and eplainatory way , and its excersices are very good couz in most of the code learning sites they just require u to change few alphabets but here u need to get togather the whole pussle to solve the problem, hope i m making sense , i am at the point i m atleast learning but i need a community of my own like a team to do work togather partner up and find the bad guyz lolz , i need friends to get togather virtually and do the projects of FCC and learn fast to cope up with the real world challanges,
i hv created a discord server its not offical FCC server its for ppl like me who are serious about code please join only those who are serious about coding and like FCC … here is the invite
thanks, happy coding !

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