Need a tiny bit of advice

I have a small gig opportunity. Which is shocking because I am just barely starting this thing with almost no experiences. So here is the deal I can take all the time I need to to learn what I need to but the moment I am ready I have a gig to make maintain a website and handle the sales front for a crafter’s small business.

It will be with a very trusted friend like person. She wants me to do this as a learning experience and she is building her stock and handling some life changes so I have a bit of time. Pay doesn’t really matter.

so the question is at what point in this course will I know enough to start doing this. This is being offered to be a profile item and I am aloud to work through slowly and have hiccups as she knows I won’t stop tell I get right. There is zero risk of messing up and losing the gig. No risk of upsetting this person if I make a mistake and there is a deeper level of trust between us than I have words to express so it is an amazing opportunity. I just want to plan according her needs.

that seems a full-stack project, that means you need the whole curriculum (maybe not the Python certs), but you can start doing something as soon as you finish the first cert: in that case it would be just a static website, and as point of contact for sales an email address or something like that

once you start learning the server side (Node, MongoDB, Express), you would start being able to do some sort of e-commerce website

Thank you so much I will run this past her and develop a solid plain with her. It is possible that she will be wanting a static site tell I can make a full e commerce site. it is also likely that she will want to wait. This is a open ended offer. but it does motivate me quite a bit.