Need A WebDev Friend?

I’ve been on this solo journey of web development with so many different paths to take and no idea where to go and I really need some motivation.
It would be awesome to have a web friend doing it together and learning things together because it can be so frustrating doing it by yourself. I’ve learned HTML/CSS pretty well. Javascript is burning me out though and I’ve hit the point where I’m like. Where’s someone to talk to about this stuff?

If you think you’re that person, send me a message. Whether we find a community or just do it together, new perspectives and fresh ideas from someone else really helps.
My current project is actually getting a web page together to create a portfolio. Lets get a job doing what we love! lol.


I am on the learning boat as well. I am at a point where everything branches out between front-end, back-end, database, etc. It is a lot to take in, feels like I will never get there and the project seem really big. :smile:

Do you LinkedIn? Or some type of messenger. We can help keep each other on track. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi this is madhavi. You can contact me. I have learned almost everything. I am happy to help someone.

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I have pretty much been on my own too, but I realize I need to network and a new perspective would be pretty nice. Let me know what you need help on JavaScript wise, I’m sure I can help.


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Hit me up on Discord, I am working on something to fix this.