Need ADVICE! Already working as a Dev but I'm not happy/satisfied

If money is important, he might still need a day job which is why he recommended that he look for new employment. If your job as a developer tells you to not develop then you are not in a software development job.

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I am just feeling a bit like you although I have not started as Dev yet. I was looking for inspiration and listened to this audiobook: (How to get and stay motivated by Grant Cordone)

Man this guy is on fire and so am I now. With his advice if you still have the problems you have now then it means you are either not listening to the book or you are dead.

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The problem is his job wasn’t as described, from what I can tell it’s more of a data entry job and he’s not happy about it.


Yes and as much as I could respond at a lower level and say - quit your job or talk to your manager and get more satisfying responsibilities, I have given a higher level response. Get some high octane inspiration, energy that will drive you so much that problems he described will become just a small pothole on a motorway at high speed which you will hardly notice. With the right thinking and attitude these problems at his job can be overcome, he can do more of what he is interested in his spare time even if he thinks he has none at the moment. Motivation can do wonders with people and with high energy it gives you find new solutions. Boring job. Who hasn’t got one, raise a hand. Most of us do. Most of us complain and do nothing about it, or not enough. Some of us push through hardship, work evenings on their dreams and then write success stories of getting something amazing. Those people are often really at the bottom in their lives and find ways to jump to the top. Read an inspiring book, and become one of the successful people yourself. I for example will become one of them, for sure. It is not a matter of yes or no, but when…


Awesome! :smiley: there’s so much adventure living in RV that some people don’t understand :sweat_smile: but having both house and an RV is really good though :smiley:

Exactly, that’s why i really love this kind of job :smiley: . I also watch a lot of Vanlife youtube videos and it’s really inspiring.

and I did it! :smiley: but I have to work 10 days though as required of my contract.

I know that you can have one soon :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support! you make me feel good :blush:

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Absolutely! maybe he don’t trust me and i have a feeling that he takes too much pride on the projects that he don’t want anyone to touch, change or add something to it :thinking:

He should encourage or support for profession development like other companies offer for their employees or applicants. and that’s the kind of company i’m looking for.

That’s actually a good idea but I think i’m just wasting my effort and time working 8-10 hours a day and it’s really stressing and depressing job for me. :sweat:

Thanks! i’ll add it to my resources :smiley: i actually looking something like that.

I agree! i actually need to learn not only on my skills on web development but also on my personal (e.g. thinking and attitude). but i already quit my job :smiley: so i will continue my plan on learning full-time until I can find another company that I think can help me improve as a professional.

Most Successful people advice to Read Books, and probably one of the key to success.

If you are not writing code on a day to day basis it’s not a true developer job. Again I would look for other companies in your area, or ones that allow 100% work remotely, or ones with paid relocation.

One of the things I do to help me code after work is stream my coding on It is a kind of accountability that is helpful for me.

Hi! I’m a newbie to freelancing and would love to hear from you of how you have dealt your career so far. You may visit the link.

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