Need advice choosing the right course here!

Hi, I am going through a mid-life career crisis, planning to switch to a career in software. I am into sales & marketing right now. do not have any background or strong math or stats skills. what is the best course for me here?


Hello @pkwrite78,

Each career change is specific but there is no reason that you can’t do it! It depends what you are looking for, if you want to become, for example, web developer, I find that this place is really good because you apply what you learn and gain skills quickly. After, if you want to become software developer with a language such as Java, I don’t know if you will find a course about Java on freeCodeCamp (I am not sure).

You can check the list of their certifications here:

Also, as you are new, the best it is to learn from many websites/books. Because all depends your learning preferences. Maybe you need more theory, maybe more practice etc. So I advice you to be curious and learn not only from one place :wink:

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