Need advice for a project

I have a project in hand to create a professional website, what would be a better design among these

  1. the website shows all the information in a single page and the user need to scroll for the information they want.
  2. A navbar that gets them to a page with the thing they want to see. Each individual page only have information about one thing. Like about page will only have information of about and services will just have services.

This is first ever project for me so if their is any additional advice please help me out thank you in advance :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

third option: a single page with a nav-bar that brings to various parts of the page

you could find professional websites and see which of the two (three) ways you find used, and see what you think (or the client) is the way would work better

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Thank you so much…
Can you also recommend a website or something I can refer to for designs or shall I go to various websites at random and check them out.