Need advice in job applying

Hi, I need advice on my job hunt.

I have recently finished school this week and for the past year, I have learned to programme doing my own time on/off.

Time management has been an issue for me, so I struggled juggling school and learning to code doing my own free time, nevertheless, I had managed to cough up a portfolio which highlights some projects I have made with a mini portfolio to showcase this.

I am still not comfortable for applying for jobs since I only know the basics HTML/CSS/js so I went on to apply for a company Bootcamp last month which is a 3 months full-time coding Bootcamp starting from May to August, the stack thought is MERN stack. I got accepted into their program and I have a 1-month gap before the program starts.

So aside from practicing and building more projects doing my own free time, I am in a dilemma if I should start applying for jobs before my coding camp starts doing this 1-month time frame. There is tech a job fair next week (29 April) and I wanted to go to companies to show what I have currently and ask if we could keep in contact till I finish the coding boot camp.

But I feel unsure because I only have the basics HTML/CSS/js, so I don’t feel confident about my own abilities since I don’t have most of the prerequisite listed by a company job ad in the career fair (react or node etc), and I do not know how they will react if I tell them about the Bootcamp, because they might think badly about it.

Should I go ahead and look for companies before my Bootcamp starts or should I be more patient and build more projects and confidence before applying. Hope to seek some advice

I would go for it. What do you have to lose? You should network as much as you can, that will definitely help. Connect with recruiters and developers that you meet on LinkedIn and then post your projects as sort of progress updates to LinkedIn.

Your portfolio looks good enough. You can try some of the React courses on here, though I’ve heard they’re a bit dense. I learned React through Codecademy for free and it served me well enough. The back-end certificate on here is pretty good as well. Then you’ll be ahead of the game in your bootcamp.

Heck, who knows, maybe you won’t even need the bootcamp and can save some valuable time and money. The opportunity cost of a bootcamp can be pretty great if you don’t really need it. However, with trouble managing your time, it may be a good idea for you.

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Hey i would also definitely go for it. For me you don’t really need no bootcamp you already have everything here and dude your portfolio really look good enough to get you in the field. So if i was you i would just focus here and learn react here. But this is what you need to do: "get out , go to some tech meetup talk with people in the same filed like you and you will meet great people out there who can even refer you to some companies ". The good part of doing this you will even meet people who already working as web developer who can put you in their own project in which they gonna ask for your help after done it you added to you portfolio and ask them for testimony dude trust me go to meet up and focus on FCC. Thanks and Good luck

Hey thanks for the encouragement and you are right, actually the boot camp i am joining is not meant for beginners but for people with basic coding background and you have to pass the company coding test to get in. I joined because i felt it can help a lot with my learning with instant feedback as well as networking , since the company that hosted the boot-camp is one of the company i wanted to join as well.

So its more of an extension to my own self study and to build more confidence. I do continue to self learn doing my own time and now that i finish school but always struggled with balancing with school. But now school is out of the way i can go all out building/learning before the camp starts.

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Alright good luck bro