Need Advice regarding wordpress

I’ve been learning HTML and been wanting to learn WordPress for some time now. I’ve been hearing how successful people are when becoming a freelance WP developer. I’ve always wanted to start my own freelance business and figure.Will it be wise to learn the front-end languages and learn Wordpress at the same time. Any thoughts???
Please help me i am really confused.

So WordPress is a platform that works with many plug ins
it’s not really that hard to learn
Just get a host or search for one with wordpress onto it
HTML can also be learned in a day or 3 it’'s not that hard to understand
Yes go ahead and just try it

Hello Ashraf,

Do a search here on FCC for the terms “freelance” “freelancer” and “WordPress” as there is a ton of information already posted, a lot of it by people who are freelancers.

To be a successful freelancer - well it is a lot of work. To work in freelancing WordPress you will need an solid understanding of html, css, javascript, jquery, and php. You will also need to know WordPress inside and out, and that is not easy.

So do a search here on FCC, read what everyone has said on this, and you will get a realistic view on what it takes to be a working WordPress freelancer.

Warning: there are lots of small WordPress businesses out there, and as a result, WP jobs tend to not pay very well due to the extra competition. WP is also an awful codebase to work with. The only thing worse might be Magento.