Need assistance - Ecommerce

Hi guys. I look forward to implement in my website a listing of products, where below the product’s picture you can select the amount you want to buy, and also add it into the shopping cart (and then be able to checkout for all the previously added products).

I am a bit lost, how can I handle this? Thanks in advance.

What do you have already?

As of now I have the HTML + CSS structure and design of the site. I would like to know how to handle when you click on the “+” it adds a new product into the ones desired, and also when you click the button “Agregar” it adds all the defined products into some basket, that you can checkout later.

How much experience do you have with coding? Adding everything to a basket shouldn’t be to difficult, but I suppose you will want a payment system as well?

For the basket you could use one of these methods:

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I know only HTML and CSS. Do you have a course to recommend to take so I learn this?

What programming language will help me solve these payment system/basket concerns?

I have no experience with payments myself. Maybe someone else knows an easy way to do this.

What about Local Storage?

What is that? Do you have a tutorial that could help? Thanks

I have no experience with ecommerce, but I’ve been creating a website using WEB2PY. It’s an open source python framework that supports carts and payments. I have no use for a payment system, but I do for user authorization and it’s so easy to add a log-in. You can customize your views and even download templates. I’ve been using fcc to help with the custom views. It’s well organized with support for sys admin and many databases. The default DB is sqllite. The framework also comes with a light weight web server that needs no installation, so you can dev locally or post to web at will. I also find documentation to be fairly easy to understand. If you don’t know python, it’s in the documentation and their are plenty of videos and examples on the main site. Also, no need for an IDE, you can do all your coding in your browser.


If you are approaching this from the standpoint of ‘learning how to code’, you can integrate with Stripe pretty easily for payments once you code your cart functionality.

If you are approaching this from the standpoint of ‘I want this to be my source of income and this is a live site that the world (ie hackers, spammers) can see and access’, I would highly recommend not rolling your own solution and instead using something like Shopify, which you can use to add “buy” functionality to your blog or website. Yes you have to pay for this - it sounds like you could use the “lite” tier for $9/month. However considering the security ramifications of credit card payment, I believe it is well worth it if you are not experienced in api calls, security, etc. I recently took a full shop live from the ground up on the Shopify platform and it was very educational and it was nice knowing the payments were secure and the cart would work.

Speaking from recent personal experience, there’s enough to code and test launching products without having to worry about your own known and unknown knowledge gaps in security and payments.

Hope this helps.