Need assistance in create-texture-by-adding-a-subtle-pattern-as-a-background-image

Challenge Name

create-texture-by-adding-a-subtle-pattern-as-a-background-image has an issue.

Issue Description

Submit completed challenge and it says “keep trying”, am I making some silly error or is there a bug?

Browser Information

Epic and Firefox


Your Code

  body {
    background: url(;

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You’re forgetting quotes:

background: url("");

Was this the issue you were referring?


Oh sh*t, sorry, it seemed to work on the screen without the quotes but then when I submitted it wouldn’t accept it

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Yeah, I had the same problem. Instructions are unclear in this lesson.


So glad I found this thread. This has been bugging me for ages. It totally does appear to work without the quotes!

For me it was not passing the test because of a space between ‘background’ and the following colon…

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i checked it out and html links are all quoted

Just because browsers allow it, doesn’t make it syntactically correct. If you check the docs: MDN - background-image, it clearly shows that the url should be quoted.

However, the fact that it looks like it’s working is confusing. I personally think this could be rectified with a better error message and / or adding explanation to the stub of “Get a hint”.