Need assistance with the Portuguese translation of a challenge's instructions section

Need some translation assistance regarding a challenge. The challenge is Add Columns with grid-template-columns.

The current English instructions are below:

Give the grid container three columns that are 100px wide each.

The question I have is which of the following is the correct translation to Portuguese?

Dê ao contêiner de grade três colunas com 100px largura cada.


Dê ao container de grade três colunas com 100px largura cada.

The main question is should the word be contêiner or container ?

I vote contêiner - singular :vulcan_salute:

What is the difference between the words? Is it a regional difference perhaps?

Awesome question! I see (navio) contêiner singular masculine and (anglicisimo) container singular masculine -sounds regional to me very much so. :vulcan_salute:

OK, so the original idea was to have the translation for this challenge and others for natives of Brazil, so which version would that be?

My educated guess is going with (navio) contêiner but feel free to correct me upon further review. Very interesting thoughts!!! :vulcan_salute:

Extra thought! I have many friends that speak arabic here in MI and it seems many dialects of many languages are terribly difficult to translate precisely via Google Translate. :vulcan_salute:

Dê ao container do grid três colunas com 100px largura cada.

We won´t translate some specific words in portuguese.
Developers are used to grid, container and some terms in english.
I have seen a list to these words somewhere but I can´t find now.

Contêiner are for cargo box.

PS: I´m struggling to find the pt-br translation repo. Where´s Waldo?

@yuricoppe Thank you for the information. Can I ask your opinion regarding the changes being made on this pull request? See my question also.

Thanks in advance!