Need career guidance

I’m in my final year of mechanical engineering. For the past 3 years, I was mostly working on the core skills but now, I have decided to shift to a programming career. In the past few months, I have gained knowledge about Data Structures and currently working on web development(had done HTML, CSS, javascript). But I’m not able to figure out how to take up projects so that I could implement and enhance my web development skills.
Thanks in advance!!

Why not just follow the FCC curriculum? It is focused on web dev and takes you through the basics of a MERN stack.


I think there is no difference between different fields how to tackle a project.

How would you tackle a Mechanical Engineering project?

There are 2 things I would suggest to do

  1. Build up your core skills. This can be done using the FCC curriculum and other resources. Keep on learning about data structures and algorithms.
  2. Solve a known problem yourself. Build a photo sharing website or a blog or similar. Building something common and known will let you focus on the coding and not the larger problem. There are many photo sharing codebases that you can reference when you get stuck. But building it yourself will get you to skills to replicate.
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