Need clarification about community rules

Right now I am building my resume in order to apply to some tech support job.

The reasons I am doing this stuff:

  • this job in IT company, though it is not programming/coding. There is a possibility I can get some networking from this.
  • it’s part-time, so I will have bunch of time to continue my code-learning process
  • requirements actually sound like it was created for me lol. Basic HTML CSS Python JS - yup, that’s me. Help people? Using english? That’s me on freeCodeCamp forum. And it’s tech support on platform which is used to organize coding contests and stuff like that - also fine.

The question I wanna ask though:

In resume I want place some links to this forum, in order to show them some cases how I am helping folks with coding in english-speaking community. I want to make sure that I am not violating any freeCodeCamp policy by doing that. I think I am not, but I like this community a lot and I wanna make sure 100%. So let me know about that. Thanks in advance.

I can’t imagine linking to the forum would be a violation - this is wide open and searchable on the internet.

Yeah, I guess maybe I am overthinking bunch of stuff here. Thanks for clarification.

It’s better to overthink than underthink. Measure twice, cut once.

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OMG. Things became interesting. I am getting totally unexpected invitations for job interviews just because I placed couple of links to this forum in my resume plus some links to my github.
Of course this is not for dev positions(I don’t even have portfolio yet), it is for different kinds of tech support - but it is from IT companies. My intention originally was only to apply to one specific vacancy, but somehow there is attention from more than one.
So my activity in this community led to completely unexpected stuff - that’s kinda fun. Need to think about how to deal with all this stuff.

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Well, that was unexpected. Mazel tov.

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