Need Coding Partner

need a code buddy to code with and talk about the progress we made so far to be motivated and solve coding problems together.

mail me at REDACTED



I’ll be down to join you guys. We could start a slack channel or something.

i am interested in joining.

i am in :+1:

I’m in!..

I have never made one before but I could try. You guys want me to make one for us? If so message me your email and I’ll play around with it.

I want to join!!..

Hey everyone I just start a slack channel. Message me your email if you want to join.

We can talk about and share knowledge. We can help each other. I was also thinking we could work on real like projects to help our portfolios and stuff. Just some ideas.

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Count on me, I’ve been looking for something quite alike for a while

I didn’t know I could do this. Here is the invite link.


Thanks please join me on discord at <redacted> or email me at <redacted>

join me at discord <redacted>

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Am in, love to join the group.

I want to join the group too!!

is it too late to join in ? cause i would like to join

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