Need feedback for my Company Website

I had in mind for years to become an official freelancer.
By saying official, I mean that I had some work with CMS in the past without being officially registered as a professional and I couldn’t provide my clients with receipts ( I didn’t have that much work anyway )

After reading and watching the following article

It was about time to become an official Web Developer
I have rented a small office and now I’m in the process of designing my own website.

However, I have a big problem, I don’t know how to sell myself.
My clients trusted me because I was treating them like friends.
By default, I’m just a 32 year old casual guy.
I never talk much and I never advertise my skills or whatever I believe about myself and avoid talking about techie stuff to people I know they nothing about it and I also I am not someone who was after their money (this is what they say. If you ask me about a job, I’m all ears, of course I want a job/project and of course I want money).

So I downloaded a template from I did little of customization and I uploaded it on Netlify.

My company website is:

My problem is the content and I really need your feedback.
I do not know, how to advertise my services, what to write, what to say.
I also have some friends/co-workers, who provide their services as well, should I add a section and advertise my team?

Should I add testimonials?

Also please note that the website is temporary, I will replace it in the future with React App,
I’m studying React this period, so why not create my company website with React?

I also own another domain which is:

and I’m between and, which sounds better to you?