Need feedback for my little pomodoro exercise

Hi guys,

I need your testing and feedback for usability and functionality to my little pomodoro page exercise. How it can be improved and implemented that it will be intuitive, easier to use and functional across browsers? I have no idea for CSS for implementation yet.


Great work so far.

Some ideas:

  • I had a hard time to find out what I have to do, mostly because I get no visual cues what to do.
  • If I input break and resume intervals and save them, but don’t add start and stop time, I get no feedback why “Show break time” and “Show resume times” show empty
  • If I want to delete an unneeded break or resume time, I have to count the position. I don’t think this is very user-friendly

Keep up the good work!

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Hi miku86coding,

Thank you very much for the feedback. Yes, it is hard to use and I am struggling how to improve it. I updated the blank start and stop time catch.

I personally like it i would add color but i under stand you have no idea for css

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Hi Jhanc2008,

Thank you very much for the feedback and suggestion. I will try studying web design to distinguish the elements on my web page interface. I do not know why the page refresh is not working in codepen and the message will not open. It is working if I open the HTML file on my local drive.

Hi guys,

Is it fine if I ask for a review of the code because I need to improve the readability, maintainability, practicality. effectiveness, security, robustness and efficiency of my code writing? I also placed it in github.