Need Feedback for my Product Landing Page

Just completed my product landing page and I need your feedback on it

I came up with the company name “Oracle” and the video used in the iframe is a random YouTube video on how to customize your Laptop (my page is about laptops)

link :

does this page requires any improvements ?

thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello, your page looks good, however, I think you should revisit your Scatter plot tests results. When a test fails, you can click the red button to see what happens.
Hope this helps

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Thanks : )

:thinking: scatter plot tests? I don’t get it.
do you mean “product landing page test suite”?
I already did that ( passes: 16 failures: 0)
And also ran the code through w3c validator

Wow your page looks cool, but there’s horizontal scrolling on my phone, and the prices section is overflowingoverflowing

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Thanks : )

yea, that’s because I was testing some things out…
I fixed that now :+1:t2:

Ups… Maybe I was wrong.
Is only that these results seems a bit unusual.

Sorry if I cause a misunderstanding.
Best wishes, congratulations in your project.

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It’s fine :v:t2: , you just accidently got the results for the D3: Bar chart instead of Product Landing Page

also… can you help me with something?
when I scroll using the bookmark id, it scrolls further than needed in the mobile version. Do you know how to fix it?

Mmm, sincerely I don’t completely know.
Maybe this could help.

Also, you can search past issues on FCC forum. I found some that could be of help:

Hope this helps

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You can add scroll-padding inside your 600px media query.

@media only screen and (max-width:600px) {
  html {
    scroll-padding-top: 170px; /* height of header */

Thanks it works now :smiley:

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