Need feedback for my survey form

Please give your valuable feedback on my survey form, especially for the color combination I’ve used. I’ve spent a big portion of the total time on choosing a nice color combo for this project. But any other feedback is welcome as well. Thank you so much in advance.
My Survey Form

Looks good. Only suggestions are to fix the spelling of definitely and maybe. It might be nit picky but if you want to feature this in your profile to show potential clients/employers then the attention to small details will pay off.

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Hey DZamora54! Thanks a lot for correcting my mistake. I couldn’t notice it. :slight_smile:

At around 275px browser width your age input placeholder is not completely visible. Try adding a media query to reduce the font size of the placeholder at the said browser width.


Hope this helps.

Hey AdityaVT! Thanks for your valuable suggestion. :slight_smile: Actually I didn’t realize it earlier because I was viewing the form on my phone and it was looking perfectly responsive. Anyways, I’ve tried adding a media query as you suggested but don’t know why it isn’t working.

Finally I’ve got the media query part right!

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