Need Feedback for Personal Project

Give project feedback for this post –

looks okay but the rain goes really to fast and is to static. it really doesn’t go well with the sound

Ya, I’m looking forward to make some changes in animation.
Do you have any suggestions for improving the animations?

yes slower rain and more random rain makee it looks more realistic. they had a game using the effects in the earliest of 2000 you might wanna look like into that.

coding train on youtube made a decent video that could get you started, it would definitely need more editing for you to use a style like that. It’s a start though, if you don’t know where to begin on animations for rain.

I agree with slowing the rain effect. It will give a better sensation of calmness.

Thanks for your valuable time.

Thanks a lot dear, this video may help.

Looks great!

One thing I would note is that by setting the background image to be:

width: 100%;
height: 100vh;

The image will be stretched on many different devices and aspect ratios. A better solution IMO would be to use a background-image on the section div. Something like:

    background-image: url(img/back.jpg);
    background-size: cover;
    background-position: center;

Also a very minor point in your JS:

      var audio, playbtn, seek_bar;
      function intitialaudioplayer() {
        audio = new Audio();
        audio.src =
        audio.loop = true;
        playbtn = document.getElementById("playpausebtn");
        // event handling
        playbtn.addEventListener("click", playPause);
        function playPause() {
          if (audio.paused) {
            document.getElementById("playpausebtn").src = "img/pause.png";
          } else {
            document.getElementById("playpausebtn").src = "img/play.png";
      window.addEventListener("load", intitialaudioplayer);

You define a variable playBtn as document.getElementById("playpausebtn")

but then in proceeding lines use document.getElementById("playpausebtn").src = "img/pause.png" and document.getElementById("playpausebtn").src = "img/play.png";

Why not use playBtn.src = "img/pause.png" and playBtn.src = "img/play.png"

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Hi There!
Thanks a lot for all your suggestions, I’ll apply them. I’m learning something new everyday thanks to be part of that.