Need feedback for portfolio, please

I got this portfolio here Jordan Nash’s portfolio

There I have all my projects including a .gif demo of them. I worked so hard on the Pitcher as you can see and still haven’t fully finished it.

When I submit my resume that looks like the one in my portfolio I am not getting any follow ups from recruiters I’m showing this to.

What am I doing wrong, please?

Maybe more projects and bigger ones would be better! It might not be the style, but maybe a large scale project would blow your recruiter’s mind.

What about Pitcher?

It has a Software Requirements Specification, connects to a third party security service, uses an Agile backlog, uses an MVC pattern. That doesn’t count as a large scale project? I hope that it would. I spent almost 6 months on this.

Oh I didn’t quite understand what that was. It counts. You should get someone to use it! That would be great.
I am not employed, so I don’t know what employers want, but I’m doing my best.

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It’s all good man. Thanks for taking the time.

On mobile, your email gets cut off.

Hi germanbobadilla,

Sorry I don’t know what you mean. I can see the email right there.

Oh sorry. It’s not that it’s cut off. It’s that the content on mobile is glued to the edges. Try to use some padding there. Or make it central.

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Ok thanks. Added padding as suggested. Should look ok now.