Need feedback on my Full stack React App

I have build a website similar to mailchimp in react and node. I would love your feedback on this. Also I have one question. Does this project is worth putting on portfolio?

You absolutely should put this on your portfolio, but not before you make 1 meaningful change :slight_smile:

The design itself is very good, the colors, visual hierarchy, layout, etc. It all looks great. The only big problem . you have is with your spacing, I’ve made a picture that marked this:

You’ve placed all the elements after one another, without too much space to breath. I recommend aligning things a little bit better and adding some white space. I’ve added marks where I believe there should be more white space.

// There’s a similar issue between the top section and the next one where you’re comparing 3 packages. Try adding some space there too. You want to be consistent and have the same amount of top/bottom padding and margin in each section.

There are also a few smaller things that I’d change:

On your about page:

Another alignment issue. I think the heading is just a bit too close to your cards. You want to have equal space between the start of the background (top) and the cards (bottom)

^How your menu looks on narrow devices. Probably isn’t much point keeping it ~70% of the width instead of full width.

Last thing is very minor and it’s where “Login” link redirects ( It’s just an empty space. I don’t know if you’re planning on adding any functionality and back-end, but if it’s just a static HTML/CSS website then just make the link not redirect anywhere.

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Wow. just wow. If I could put the cherry on top, try this blog post about using emojis as favicons. It’s so smart! I think that’s all that’s missing.

Well thank you. It’s great to see you have analyzed the website in detail. The backend and the whole application is ready. It was a problem with service worker. Just clear the browser cache and open the site again. And you can log in into the application and view the entire backend.