Need feedback on my personal portfolio website
projects included in this portfolio is different from the free code camp’s projects.


Found a little spelling mistake: devlopments's

Also I’m not sure if a return to top function is needed if you have a sticky nav bar.

Overall I love it though! Great work.

Thanks for the feedback .

Very cool! It impressed me:ok_hand:

looking good, how long have you been writing code to get to this point?

Looks good. Clean and responsive design. I especially like your project thumbnails. How did you make those?

Your navbar is sticky which is good. However, it doesn’t close on clicking a link.

I would consider checking opinions on using “skill meters.” What does 50% JavaScript mean? What if I’m a recruiter looking for a JS “expert” but actually you’ve got the skills for it… you take yourself out of the running for the job before even having a chance for them to evaluate you.

Add a link for code for each project in addition to a link to the project.

With this portfolio, you should feel comfortable applying for positions you are interested in. It will be easy to add more projects as your portfolio grows, but the portfolio as it is now is already very well done with regards to being responsive, clean, and attractive. Great work.


13-15 months I guess.

This is going to help me so much! Thank you! @kunal

This is very nice. Looks very good. I visited each site in your portfolio. you have an eye for design and have gained good mastery of web design and layouts. This is the minimum level I wish to attain. thanks for posting.

Thank you for watching my portfolio.

Inspirational! Very well put together.

Thanks for giving feedback.(•‿•).Such feedbacks motivates me to work harder.

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Well done. I looked at your portfolio, its very very nice work. I wish you all the best within coding and there should be lights for you in end of the tunnel.

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You might want to consider adding 
body {
scroll-padding-top: 50px
in your styling on TravelVille, it will make your page go down a little bit, when you click a link on a navbar, so that it will not cover the title of the section. 

Apart from that, very nice portfolio. 

I will definitely follow your suggestion.thanks.

Thanks for this lovely comment.

I would make favicon color closer your website colors, which are: #0d47a1, #0d47a1, #007bff.

Instead of “My portfolio” as logo and page title I would use “Web developer” or “Web developer Kunal Bagnial” - it is a good place to show user what kind of services you provide.

In “My projects” section I’d wrap images in link - it’s easier for user to click something big and shiny, than small elements.

I’d also make contacts more interactive with links (href="tel:… and href="mailto:…).

Good job! It’s very nice to visit your website.

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Thank you for watching my portfolio.Will definitely follow your instructions.
Actually, I have tried to simplify my portfolio as much as possible.I will not add a services section until I become fully confident in coding.

Looks very clean and professional! As do your projects. I’d already be applying to webdev jobs if this was my portfolio.

One part I find jarring is that loader. I’d try to reduce page load time as much as possible and get rid of it. I also agree with @Anon551122 about the skills section - it really is not in your best interest to state that you’re “50%” in JS. Frankly, even if I were “100%” at everything, I wouldn’t do a skills section because I find them tacky. I’d let your projects speak for themselves.

Good job :clap::clap::clap:

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