Need feedback on my Portfolio project

I’ve just finished my portfolio and I would love some feedback. The About Me section is very barren but I’m planning on filling it out and expanding it as I learn more, let me know what you think:

like the first bit, looks smart, i’d say the about me, my projects and the lets work together elements are too wide, and maybe the contact form could do with being made narrower, but that may be down to my own personal preference.

Had a quick look at the projects, that survey page is really good, nice job on that

Hi @Nootuff, I checked your portfolio and this is what I think:

  • The images take too long to load. Maybe it’s just for me, I’m using the phone data at the moment and can’t check their size. Check that they are jpg format and that they don’t have a huge resolution. Alternatively you could create those pictures in different sized and give the correct one to the user based on screen size (using media queries)
  • I think that the two buttons are a bit inconsistent. One has a rounded border, the other doen’t. UI-wise it’s better if you use consistently the same style.
  • I think that it’s better to put a picture of yourself, maybe at the top instead of the code background. I read that having a personal picture makes potential customers trust you more, as they start to have a connection.

Edit: I love the survey form :slight_smile: