Need Feedback on my project_Tribute_Page

Hello Everyone, It’s really nice to meet you and hope everyone is doing a week.
Please do have time, have a look on first portfolio. Here’s the code:

And here’s the page:

Your page looks good @vaggar12.

  • Not sure if you noticed but even though you’re using the <strong> tag the text on your page doesn’t render as such. This is because when you imported your font you only selected regular. Go back to Google Fonts and when you select your font it will give you the link. All well and good so far but what you then need to do is click on the ‘customize’ link (next to ‘embed’) and there click the bold checkbox also. Click the ‘embed’ link and put the new link in your page. (Notice it now has weights for 400 & 700). Btw, I did this too with a page I was working on and asked a question about why I wasn’t seeing the font output the way I expected here in the forums and it was explained to me. Here’s the link to my post which includes a quick video the responder made showing how to do what I just explained.

Once you get that corrected and your dates are bold maybe think about getting rid of the bullet points.