Need feedback on Tribute page

Hello fellow coders

I have created my first page and I need feedback on the same.

Please provide your valuable insights for me to grow.



The quotes are amazing, I never heard most of those before.

About the site I think its structure looks good. You could improve it by increasing the spacing between elements, some stuff are too crowded together: for example the title and quotes. Also I think the shadows in the quotes could be more subtle. All of this is design, so it’s more personal, but there’re some “foundations”, check this link:

For usability, your site is not usable on mobile, did you checked it?

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Seconded what the above poster says, all you need really is a media query for mobiles to enlarge the width of the quote boxes, should be good to go then

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Thanks @ghukahr and @paulgoogle for your feedback. I will implement your suggestions in my page.

Special thanks for sharing this article,

I learnt many new things from it.