Need Front-End Dev Advice

I took a break from CS50 to work on my portfolio website and I enjoyed it a lot more than doing problem after problem. I honestly felt like I learned more about things I will actually do when I eventually get a job as a front-end developer. I am wondering if doing CS50 is necessary. I kind of want to skip it and do the React course I was going to take after CS50 because I know it will be useful for what I will do on a daily as a front-end dev. I understand that knowing the foundation of multiple things like C, Python, etc…is great, and CS50 gives you that, but am I crazy for thinking I should learn about things directly tied to the front-end dev career I want (things like React, JavaScript, html, css, bootstrap, Sass, APIs)

I am close to starting Week 3 of CS50 and after working on my portfolio website, I really realized how working on your own projects is so much more fun than general problems from a course that may or may not be that useful.

Below are the things on my list. For my case, someone that wants to make websites and apps look good while functioning well…should I skip CS50 and go straight into learning about React? I want to limit tutorial hell and jump straight into building projects. Should I jump to week 8 of CS50 - HTML, CSS, JavaScript…then start learning about React?


  1. Responsive Web Design Cert. :white_check_mark:
  2. JavaScript Algorithms & Data Structures Cert. :white_check_mark:

3. CS50: Intro to Computer Science :arrow_left:

4. Learn React

5. Front End Development Libraries Cert. (Only do Bootstrap & SASS)
6. Back End Development & APIs Cert.

There is no ‘right’ formula for being a self taught develop. The information in CS50 is very valuable, but if you aren’t finding it very interesting, then work on something that you are motivated to complete.

I agree, thanks for the advice! I think I will do week 8 of CS50 because it’s on HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Then I will learn about React, Bootstrap, Sass, and APIs. It’s not that I don’t find CS50 interesting, the lectures are great, I just want to learn the things that I will actually be using to build projects. Later on I may come back to finish the other weeks in CS50, because the more you know the better

I’m a React developer and I’ve never done CS50…

Knowing React well is a prerequisite for React jobs, CS50 isn’t


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