Need Guidance for coding

Hi everyone, hope you all are doing good. I am looking for some advice on the following topics:-

1: Do we need to learn and remember everything that we come across or going back to the documentation is accepted (concerned about it in order to get a job).

2: I find creating logic a bit difficult as I am still learning. Although, I have learned a lot in the javascript section, the last two projects in the front-end challenges were very challenging for me as they took 2 days to complete. So, how can I improve?

3: What should be the approach in solving a problem? I want to be good at it but I still have a long way to go. Any suggestions?

4: Is learning Data Structures a necessity for web development?

I would also like to know which one of the 2 you prefer: work from office or
a remote job.

  1. Programmers reference documentation, existing code, StackOverflow, and each other all the time. Being able to quickly find and understand information is part of the job.
  2. Just keep working on it. When you get stuck, use resources (documentation, Google, asking us questions), but try to work through the struggle. That’s when a lot of the important learning happens.
  3. Have a plan before you start writing code. Use a pencil and paper to figure out the logical solution and then figure out how to write that logic with code.
  4. Yes.

I’m currently working from home full-time for the first time and I like it. My dogs are here and I control the thermostat.


Thanks for answering. It has helped me in clarifying my doubts.

HI @hrs070!

I struggled with the calculator as well.
Just when I thought I was passing another test it would still come up as an error. It is normal to feel this way.
A lot of questions come up in the forum concerning the calculator and pomodoro clock.

Pseudo code has helped me alot.

I found this site to be useful.

You could also take a intro to computer science class like cs50

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Thank you for taking out time and posting the links of articles. That was very useful.