Need Guidance from front end certified developers


I am soon going to start the final four projects , that will make me eligible for the coveted Front End Developer Certificate, however before i do so i know the projects will be really tough , i need guidance on below points …

A) Should i revise the whole tasks again about 290 of them before i start ?

B)Is there any specific section i must focus on ?

C) How many days on an average a project will take considering i am a beginner level coder ? And after what point i must consider asking for help ?

D)Are there any specific functions i must focus on , if so what are they ?

Any other advice experts might have for me to make my final work more organised and better…


a. No, just start building, review things and do research as and when issues arise.
b. No, as above.
c. This is not a hard and fast rule, but from experience: if you are stuck, research - look at FCC exercises, look at documentation, look on Stack Overflow, Google. If you can’t figure it out in a an hour or so, ask, being as specific as possible [the small, particular problem you’re having, not “how do I make a calculator”], here or in the chatrooms. If that still doesn’t help, search GitHub for complete versions someone else has done and look at the code, figure out how they work and see f you can integrate the working parts into your code [don’t just copy-paste, that generally won’t work anyway]. Don’t bang your head against a wall for days, you aren’t learning anything by doing that.
d. Calculator: easy if you use eval, but try to do it without. Pomodoro: understand how setTimeout/setInterval work. Tic Tac Toe: at base level, easy, but to make an AI opponent that works, you generally want to use the minimax algorithm. Make it work before you tackle that (maybe just have the AI play randomly until you have it all working). Simon: timouts, events, animations and audio. Note the whole game can be modelled as a finite state machine, it makes it simpler to do.


@DanCouper - Thanks, i learned two things from you

  1. Not to waste too much time on any problem if i am stuck , which i am at times …

2)The calculator and Pomodoro project seem i can understand and take help and do it, but i do not know whether i am in a position to deal with AI concepts … any way i cam always come back to community for more guidance …