Need guidance uploading Drupal site

I created a Drupal theme and I need to submit a link with the uploaded site and I losing my mind over this, I just have no idea what I should be doing to deploy this site online.

One thing I know is that I can’t use GitHub because it only supports statics sites (no backend at all).

I have been trying a few things with no solution at all simply because I have no idea of what I’m doing.

I have an Acquia Cloud account, I tried hosting the site using Acquia Dev Desktop app, but I am not sure if I succeeded or what I did, I just see a bunch of things that I don’t fully comprehend.

Also, I created an AWS Amazon account, but have no idea if this would be enough to deploy the site, I’ve tried reading the documentation but as I go through the wall of texts I just keep finding concepts that I’ve never seen before and makes things worse.

This experience is starting to feel very frustrating to me now because I’ve never worked with backend before so I feel completely lost.

Where should I start with all this? That’s my question.

If any help, I also have a GoDaddy account and a domain there for my portfolio (static site), maybe I can use this somehow?

ANY help is greatly appreciated. Please if you need more information don’t hesitate to ask.

If you’re hosting a static site on GoDaddy, you can host a Drupal site there, too. There may be issues with which versions they have, but I know because I did it (although I am far from an expert)

But should I use a subdomain? Because I purchased a domain for my portfolio and I need that. Plus, I think I should host the files somewhere, right?

What were the steps that you followed to host your Drupal site?

What kind of hosting plan do you have? I stopped using GoDaddy because they were too costly and didn’t offer enough control . I had a Deluxe Linux Hosting with Cpanel plan.

I think I just bought the domain name, since my portfolio is static I knew I could host the files on GitHub. Now that I think about it I think GoDaddy is no longer an option, maybe I should look somewhere else. Unless I am willing to pay for the GoDaddy hosting services.

At this point I might be willing to pay a small amount of money for a host server.

I wouldn’t do that. If you’re comfortable setting up a VPS, you can save a boatload. Here in Philly, one of the FCC meetup organizers works for Linode, and they offer customer support 24/7.

As for install instructions:

I already installed Drupal and built my site, the problem is that I need to host the site and I don’t know how to do it since I’ve been deploying my work on GitHub until now.

If you go with a VPS option for hosting, you will have the ability to install Drupal on the server and go from there.

But I already installed Drupal with Acquia Cloud, in fact I believe I even have the data base on Acquia Cloud. I think I just need the domain since it’s not available in the free trial.

OK, then you need to configure your domain’s DNS settings on Godaddy to point to Aqcquia Cloud’s servers. Just contact Acquia Cloud and they should be able to walk you through the setup process.

I am not entirely sure if the database is already in the cloud, I made my deductions based on this:

Do you think I could be able to do this using a Subdomain? I would like to keep my portfolio live.

Yes, I believe you should be able to use a subdomain for this.