Need help about FreeCodeCamp Weather API

I’ve almost finished my Weather App. The only thing remaining is to set appropriate weather icons. But I want to change them based on the[0].main field of response, depending on whether it is set to ‘Clear’, ‘Partly Cloudy’ etc. The problem is I don’t know all the possible occurencies of it. It would be great if somebody could provide me that information.

Guys, can anybody answer? Because this is very important to me and I truly believe in the power of this forum.

do you have a link to your project? that would help a lot.

however, in general you may be able to look at the api you are using. check the docs. thinking back i remember the one i used had numerical codes for each type of weather. there were so many for example very cloudy, slightly cloudy, cloudy, partly cloudy, etc… i was able to lump things together and then proceed with conditionals.

but for your specific case, again, seeing the code i would know what service you are using and be able to refer to their docs, and figure out how and where that fits into your code.