Need help about webdev environment and the good way to get better

Hi guys, I have some questions about dev environment, I made many websites with Html, Css, JS/jQuery etc… I used many tools like Bootstrap, Jekyll… I tried a little bit nodejs with yeoman, some frameworks, but today, I want to speed up my way to develop.

I hear everytime about Docker or local server to ensure a good environment for website/webapp with all these Angular, Meteor, React, I understand a bit all of this, but I’m still lost, I know I must adapt my tools to the project, but I’m trying to find my environment (That I may adapt) which will be usefull for simple website, dynamic webapp etc… In brief, the way to develop in 2016 after learning many months and years the basics and more.

Actually I’m stuck, I can’t start a new project because I’m lost in all these informations (Webapp or Website, should I use docker or something else). I know I look like someone who is trying to “run before you walk”, but I’m just trying to find a way to get better after all that I’ve read, heard, learned… If someone has a solution, or something helpful, I would be glad !