Need help and direction with a friend's site

Helllo FCC! I love everything that I have learned so far here. This is a great resource of information and teaching. My friend has reached out for help because the issue is beyond her expertise and slightly above mine. The issue that we are having is a redirect on a google search of her site. If you were to look for lewis clark saddle club, you will find her page as the top result. If you click on the link you are given a redirect to a casino site. I have located the code that was inserted. If you go to the site directly, it pulls up perfectly with no issues (the code there is old and not too pretty). What I need help with is the search results to post the right information. How can I correct the search engine result code to display the correct info?

Does your friend’s site have a .htaccess file within the folder structure? This may be the cause of the problem.

You might review the steps recommended by Google