Need help appending items to a dictionary

I have a 2d list with 2 strings per item. one is a number and the other is a word for reference although they are both strings. But whenever I try and append that to a dictionary, it says ValueError: not enough values to unpack (expected 2, got 0). Can anyone tell me what dumb mistake I am making? Here is the code.
x2splitcontent has the strings. I had it print it out the step before this one.

decoder_key = {}
for (number,word) in x2split_content:
decoder_key[number]= word

Can we see the structure content of that “2d list” named x2splitcontent?
My guess is that you have an empty item in the list.

Yes there is one. It is at the end of the list, so I am surprised that it affects it. Would I have to remove it for it to function at all?

Currently your code will throw an exception at the for loop when it tries to get two values to satisfy number and word, and it cannot.

Understood and the code works now that I popped that item. Thanks a lot!

You can do that or somewhat validate the item in x2splitcontent
Consider the following.

for i in x2splitcontent:
    if len(i) == 2:
       decoder_key[i[0]] = i[1]