Need Help ! Building a inside-house map project

Hi Everyone !

We are working on a not-for-profit initiative to create an inside-house maps project. The problem statement is we have a connected way in our downtown. To find stores within the connected way from one point to another, we dont have google maps that can guide us. so we have to create our own map to kind of make the pass-byers reach the place without confusion.
Any help is highly appreciated. This can help many elderly and low-wage labourers so much.


Can you elaborate on the tech stack you’re using? For example I know MongoDB has great support for geospatial data. You can store coordinates as a Point and then query your database for locations $near provided coordinates. You could also store geoJSON data as a Polygon which is essentially a combination of points, for example the area surrounding a neighborhood. You could perform queries such as looking for points within this polygon shape.

As for the front end I’ve used a map library for react called react-mapbox-gl which I found to be quite easy to use. What do you mean you don’t have google maps to guide you?

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Thanks for a positive response Frankrose. I’m still not to the point where I have a tech stack to choose.
I would like to start with researching some options to do this. Hoping I will get some advice from this group for the same.