Need help centering my calculator on the screen

Hi guys! I have been trying the calculator challenge but after using display: inline-block to reduce the size of the calculator division, it is stuck to the left . Increasing the left-margin works but only on desktop view (It screws the mobile view ) . Can anyone help me with this??

Link -

Thank you in advance!!

You can try this:

  • Give html, body, and the outermost .container a 100% height.
  • Make .container a flex container, then justify-content and align-items to center.
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Since you aren’t using bootstrap go with :
margin-top: 10%;
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;

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I advise you to get a tool like Bootstrap that you can learn quickly on FreeCodeCamp. It’s here : Responsive design with Bootstrap

Thanks!!! Worked like a charm

Actually I am using bootstrap

Thanks!! This works too