Need Help/Clarification with the Worldcup Database Project in Become_a_Dev_in_2022 Challenge

First of all I must say that this Become_a_Dev_in_2022_Challenge program is very rich. I am learning a lot and I hope to become a dev this year.
Now to my problem with this course in particular. There are 11 requirements to solve the project. After meeting the first eight requirement, all my progress get lost are the system tries to run the tests. This has happened severally each time I get to that point. The error message indicates that I have not created the worldcup Database which is the first requirement of the project. I an attaching two screenshots - indicating the progress before the error and the error message.
I would be glad if any who has passed the project and experienced same should help out with the way forward.

I suggest continuing to try and complete the last three user stories. Your progress isn’t lost, the tests are just bailing out for some reason before they have a chance to finish the first 8 tests. I believe if you finish your script (s) correctly, the tests will be able to finish correctly and everything will pass. I will take a closer look at those tests to see if there’s a way to avoid this.

Ok thank you I will continue to try. I forgot to attach the screenshots.

I am glad to inform you that I have successfully completed the Worldcup database course.


How? I have the same issue, I’ll be glad if you could help me

I had a similar problem. I could get green ticks for the schema tasks, but then when I made my scripts executable, suddenly it couldn’t find the database and I then had zero green ticks. I dug into the js and spent a couple of hours trying to fix it, but I wan’t able to identify the problem.

To be clear:
When I create the database and tables and columns, I can get green ticks for all the schema tasks.
When I made my files executable it suddenly said it couldn’t find the database at all.
I played with my scripts and the database a lot to try and get it to work
I restarted the VM to try and get it to work
I logged into CodeAlly and blew the VM away to get a fresh one and it still didn’t work
I dug around in the code for a while trying to work out what was wrong (but my JS sucks) so I couldn’t get it to work.
At any point in time I could remove the executable flag from the scripts and would get green ticks for the schema questions again.