Need help creating drop down menu

Here is what I am currently working on.

I want to make a drop-down menu for the first two options with placeholder texts. “What degree Type would you like?” and “What would you like to study?”. I am in a minor rut and need some help.

A <select> tag would be the most appropiate option

MDN select

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Hmmm, i like this.Thanks! I am going to keep it open to see if anything else comes up! :slight_smile:

How would i disable or grey out the next box until the first one is filled?

I’m not really sure but I think that would involve some Javascript because you would need to enable and disable an option regarding the state of other option.

Do you need the options on the second dropdown to be different depending on wich option is selected on the first drop down? or just having the second drop down locked until one option on the first one is selected?

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Ok, great info! How would i place my first and last name next to each other?

You have them inside p elements so I guess you’d need to make those specific p elements inline and adjust their width, Or you could use flexbox or grid for the whole form. You should try with giving them an inline first, see how it does.

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Hey mario thanks for all your help! i have a slight issue. Above my “request more information” there is this gap that i cannot get rid of. Every time i try and adjust padding it goes further away and deos not revert back to it’s previous state.

You have some padding added to your form element, 7em I think, that’s what the gap on top is. It is easy to get lost with your own code at first, that why the browser inspector works so well, and my personal trick is to give everything a chunky border if I can’t find where something starts or ends.

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