Need help for coding knowledge

Hello, I know few about HMTL5, however I found a good advertisement in Wechat which I really want to make it myself.
The link is
I want to know if this is just screen recordor or it also need coding capability?
Thank you in advance!

Fantastic advert. Looking at it on my phone, I thought it might be a screen recording, but viewing it on a PC, I can see it’s actually all done in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and even more impressively, it’s all responsive (elements resize to fit the screen).

You will definitely need to be able to code to make something like this from scratch, but I’d recommend starting out small and working up to it. For example: start working through the curriculum, learn a bit of HTML and CSS, and then try making a non-animated mockup of a WeChat chat screen. Then, learn some JavaScript and advanced CSS tricks to animate things, and add a “simple” animation (e.g. a new message arrives at the bottom of the screen… but bear in mind even this isn’t as simple as it seems, as you also need to move all the other messages up by an appropriate amount). And just keep building from there.