Need help for "Technical Documentation" challenge

I am now starting ‘Technical Documentation’ challenge, but I’m not sure about how I should create the content. Is copying content from other documentation allowed, or do I have to write my own copy? Thanks.

if you copy you will not get any experience or idea from it , it does not matter how worst your project look try to build with your own idea it helps a lot .
if you got trouble feel free to share here and take advantage of doing it
Happy Coding

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It is okay if you copy content. Don’t copy the code thought and you can get inspired by others for the design. The point is praticing CSS and HTML.

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freeCodeCamp’s academic honesty policy reads:

"Aside from using open source libraries such as jQuery and Bootstrap, and short snippets of code which are clearly attributed to their original author, 100% of the code in my projects was written by me, or along with another camper with whom I was pair programming in real time.

Based on the wording, you could argue that the content itself isn’t code, and there’s plenty of existing documentation out there under open-source licenses — just make sure to attribute it properly.

That said, I agree with @Gunjan:

Why not treat it as an opportunity to solidify some concepts you’ve already learned? Write your own documentation (a tutorial, API reference, etc.) on something you learned recently.


Thanks everyone. I will try to write my own content for the documentation. Happy coding.