Need help getting started in developing a web application using React.js

For a junior front end role, I have been given the task to create a game using React.js. I have been given a REST API which handles all the game logic. I’m provided with a swagger JSON file. I have many questions so I’ll ask them below.

Is it okay to use create-react-app to create the game?
What do I do with the swagger JSON file?
Is there any tutorial on how to get started with this type of project?
Should I render all my HTML using JSX or do the main boilerplate in HTML and render the rest in JSX?

I understand some of these questions are very noobish but I really want to learn and finish this project. I’m new to pretty much everything this project is throwing at me and I have spent the last day learning React. I have two days to do this and want to give it my best shot.

Thanks so much in advance to everyone. I really appreciate all your help!

This sounds like the rouguelike project here in FCC only more complex. Campers doing the react front end challenges hVe spent anywhere from 1 day to several weeks doing just that project after spending quite a bit of time working with react. I don’t code full time, but I’m on month 3 or 4 of learning react and still struggling with my rogue app.

A simple react front end can be done in 5 minutes for a static page, but adding changing states after your API calls is where react can shine for you.

As for when to use react/jsx and when to use HTML it depends on if the page changes stTe at all. Once you get the hang of it though making a staTic react page is easy and keeps the flexibility of interacting with your game state.

Sure, or whatever other boilerplate you prefer. It would be cool if you learned how to make your own in the future, however, since you will certainly want a different set of tools for your specific boilerplate.

Dunno man, look at the data in the JSON, how can you use it to make your game? Swagger JSON is just a format, data is data, only you can know how that data will be used.

Just general react tutorials, i recommend this one, the react documentation and this video series. Mostly you’re gonna have to do your own research and find courses/books/links, rarely learning a new technology is done by just a handful of resources.
For this specific project with this goal and set of tools, however, i don’t think you will find much. It’s, as i mentioned, too specific. You you just got to try to understand react. I would use 80% of the time available to understand react, even if you don’t complete the game, showing you understand the tools > stitching together a game with tools you don’t understand.

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Create react app is a great way to get started