Need help in making the card

when I remove the Bootstrap’s CDN things are well good but after adding it, it makes the difference in the model
I want the image on left side of title and button on right side of the title

can somebody help me
the model looks like this

Remove the bootstrap and font-awesome stuff from the html and add them using the settings. Click the settings button up top on Codepen, go to the CSS tab and add them there.

I can’t see the image you posted without logging into the slack.

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@lasjorg this is what i want to build as my final work

Till now i have done this much

Please help

I don’t know what help you are asking for, the code on github is not the same as Codepen.

Here is a version you can look at, i added the bootstrap card class to the container, but other than that i did not use bootstrap. The padding on the container is causing the hr to not be the full width of the card, but it is close-ish to the image otherwise.